In accordance with legal requirements to protect your data under the General Data Protection Regulation (replacing the Data Protection Act, 1995) the following document is intended to outline legal requirements of the GDPR and how this applies to procedures of Oban CBT Clinic. We are committed to protecting your personal information and the purpose of this document is to be transparent about the information we hold, how it is held, and for what purpose. Oban CBT Clinic has two aspects to our Privacy Policy; PP1 outlines how information is held and for what purpose at the point of accessing information from our website and/or Facebook page. PP2 outlines data collection for individuals opting into a treatment programme. PP1 Information is collected upon submission of your note of interest about the services we provide; this is received by completion of our electronically generated form “Contact Us” or via Facebook message. Your contact information (name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail address) is used to provide further information about services provided, and individuals are entitled to make a decision about proceeding with treatment without pressure from Oban CBT Clinic; you will not be contacted to follow up initial requests for information, and personal details are not maintained on a database for either our own or other agencies’ purposes. We do not collect information about how you interact with our website (technical or usage data), or disclose information to third party processors. Whilst individuals are able to adjust settings for the use of cookies generated by websites, this is the individual’s responsibility. The website for Oban CBT Clinic does not utilise cookies and the functioning of the website is not reliant upon such cookies. PP2 Should individuals proceed to arrange therapy with Oban CBT Clinic, this arrangement is classified as a contract both in terms of invoicing of and payment of services [Form 1a], and a contract in terms of the boundaries and scope of treatment being offered [Form 1b]. Privacy procedures relating to these contracts are distributed to potential clients prior to services being provided. Financial contracting [Form 1a] is designed to reduce the sharing of your personal information by requesting that payments are made using chip & pin card reader or BACS, thus minimising the transfer of financial data and transaction data. The Therapeutic Contract [Form 1b] enables session(s) booked to be transparent and as effective as possible, outlining practitioner’s and client’s roles, and the format and principles of treatment. Individuals are provided with a copy of Form 1b and it is the individual’s responsibility to protect this document. It is a legal requirement to not only maintain client records in a appropriate manner but to inform individuals of how this is done and of individuals’ rights to access data held about them, to rectify and to request erasure of personal data. This is outlined prior to, and written consent sought, at the beginning of treatment and can be reviewed at any point during contact with the service. Exceptions During therapeutic contact, in the unlikely event that clients disclose intention for significant self-harm, suicide, or harm to another, the client’s GP will be notified as part of a responsible risk-management procedure. In the case of this sharing of information, GPs will be notified of your name, contact details and reported risk. This will be shared in as efficient a way as possible, typically but not exclusively via telephone, to act as quickly as possible to reduce harm. This sharing of personal data is considered a legitimate and responsible disclosure under such circumstances. Where there is a duty to comply, specifically in relation to Police / Government agencies, Oban CBT Clinic will share any details of our communication as required to act lawfully.
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