Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I need therapy? Therapy comes in various forms and formats, and only you will be able to decide if you would benefit. Your GP may have discussed this with you, or you may know someone who has had a CBT-type intervention. Talking Therapies differ from talking to family and friends; there are clear goals set by you, sessions are structured, reviews are regularly scheduled to ensure progress and at close of contact, there is a relapse prevention plan to support you to maintain positive changes. The best advice is to do your own research but we also offer a free, no-obligation telephone discussion to see if your problems could be helped by our services. Services for children include a free no-obligation face-to-face consultation to ensure that services are appropriate and to de-mystify the process for the child - this meeting is very beneficial in building a therapeutic relationship of trust and of team-work. How often and how many sessions would I need? Sessions are ideally weekly or fortnightly to help build a therapeutic relationship and have continuity of work, however there is flexibility in how often and how sessions are conducted. Much depends upon the service you request, the level of symptoms, and what works for you on a practical level. These aspects will all be discussed prior to a treatment plan beginning, so that you are aware of the commitment we both make. What if I change my mind once I have started therapy? If you decide to terminate a treatment plan, for whatever reason, but still hope to find solutions to your problems, then we will do our best to recommend other services to support your recovery. Improving mental health helps individuals, families, and communities - so if you do not find our services to be helpful then we endeavour to signpost you to alternatives.
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